3 Surprising Facts About Roulette |

3 Surprising Facts About Roulette |

If you’re an even slightly experienced casino player, then you are probably familiar with the roulette table. As one of the most popular gambling games worldwide, Roulette can be found almost anywhere, from your humble local pubs to the most grandiose casinos in Las Vegas and Monaco. 

If you’re thinking of hosting a fun casino evening, then a night with a roulette table should definitely be on your list! Because it is very easy to play, hiring a roulette table and dealer will encourage your guests to participate and keep them engaged for the rest of the evening.  

Here are three facts that you may not know about roulette, and why it’s a classic addition for your night of casino and fun.

Roulette is the Product of a Failed Science Experiment

In 1655, famed French physicist, inventor, and mathematician Blaise Pascal was trying to invent a perpetual motion machine, which is an object that would continue working without an energy source. However, like countless scientific minds before and after his time, he failed.

Instead, what emerged from his work was the roulette, which is French for “little wheel.” How the simple wheel invented by Pascal evolved into the simple, yet addictive, betting game that we know today is lost to history. However, Pascal did invent the basics of probability, which plays a very big role in understanding the mechanics of roulette. 

Roulette Table


The King of Monaco Used Roulette to Support His Kingdom

The story goes that the King of Monaco Charles III was dealing with financial issues due to decades of civil war. As a way to generate cash, Charles III legalised gambling and erected the Casino de-Monte Carlo in 1863, a high-end casino that is still operating to this day. 

To attract more players to the Casino de-Monte Carlo, entrepreneurs and casino operators François and Lois Blanc lowered the house edge by introducing and exclusively using a single-zero roulette wheel. Before that, most places used roulette wheels that had both double and single zeros.

The Double Zero was Added Back in America

Roulette sailed across the pond to America thanks to French immigrants in Louisiana. Unlike their European counterparts, American casinos believed in raising the house edge. Apart from including both single zero and double zeros in the wheel, Americans also added the symbol of an American Eagle. 

This American Eagle symbol raised the house edge to as much as 12.9%, which is also the reason why the practice fell out of use almost immediately. However, the American casinos still wanted the extra edge, so the American version of the roulette today is still played with an extra double zero, giving it an edge of 5.26%, as opposed to the European version which only has 2.7%.


Roulette is a relatively simple game that is a staple of casinos in Europe, the US, and elsewhere. If you’re still on the fence about doing so, hiring a roulette table for your wedding, birthday, or any other fun casino-themed celebration is a good idea! With the relatively easy mechanics, your party guests will be entertained by a trained croupier who will act and speak like if the game were being played in a real casino. 

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Author: Jason Green